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A valuable alternative to court preceedings

Our mediation service is a private, voluntary process where a neutral facilitator assists parties in conflict to make fully-informed decisions toward changing the quality of their relationships. *All services are confidential and private.

Parties often feel emotionally overwhelmed and confused when entering into a separation. Instead of destructive and negative conflict, SGBFM works with you to reach a constructive and positive agreement.

Resolution is possible through:

Rather than a process dividing families, mediation can help to re-establish and sustain lasting relationships, important especially in co-parenting situations. This typically leads to a reduction of stress and increased happiness for all, especially for children in the family.

Did you know that court records are public documents?

Most people don't realize that documents in any trial or court process are public information. SGBFM’s closed mediation ensures only mutually decided agreements are documented. The courts are only included if you decide to make your mediation report/memorandum of understanding, into a legal document. This means that in closed mediation, your discussions, frustrations and emotions are not documented, so remain private.

Mediation is an alternative to a trial that is most often faster and more affordable. A lawyer may charge $350.00 per hour or more whereas mediation is typically $150.00 per hour. Some extended benefit plans cover sessions with a registered social worker. In addition, some individuals may meet eligibility criteria for reduced rates based on income and number of dependents. Please ask us about these benefits.

Family Law Pathways
As documented on Family Law Pathways Centre in Canada, you and your spouse can attend an Early Neutral Information session where you hear together Information First from a neutral expert in a single meeting before you make choices about your reasonable range of options and processes, and choose the professionals you want to help you plan and organise your separation/divorce out-of-court.  We help explain domestic contracts including separation agreements, pre-nuptial agreements or cohabitation agreements.

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*Exceptions to confidentiality, as per professional body regulations, apply if a child is being harmed, someone is an immediate risk to themselves or others, or a legal process mandates our participation.

Some extended benefit plans cover sessions with a registered social worker, and SGBFM has a sliding fee scale based on your family income and number of dependents.

SGBFM offers a free 20-30 minute face: face consultation to ensure mediation is right for your situation. Please ask us about these benefits.




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