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Cathy Cartwright is a registered social worker (RSW) and an accredited family mediator (AccFM) experienced in working with distressed men, women and children.

Over the past 20 years, Cathy has been providing services for both victims and accused persons in Domestic Violence matters that cover a broad range of social issues including: problems with self-esteem; couples requiring marriage/relationship counselling; co-parent or parent-teen relationships; grief and loss counselling

Cathy's studies at George Brown College were in mental health and criminal justice. She also audited addictions on route to achieving her Human Services Counsellor designation.

Her studies continued at York University where she completed Bachelor degrees in both Psychology and Social Work and ultimately, her Master in Social Work.

She trained through both York and Guelph Universities for her accreditation as a Family Mediator.

As a Certified Social Worker and Family Mediator, Cathy works from a philosophy precluding shame and blame. Through a solution-focused format, she is able to provide each client with a confidential, private and safe environment for each counselling and mediation session, working with clients to problem-solve, strategize and create their achievable action plan.

Cathy is recognized through First Nation and Inuit Health as an approved service provider.

"Fairness, cooperation and sharing resources are vital to building lasting relationships, where people can be counted on personally and professionally to help each other by giving of themselves and their time."

Social Work is registered to protect the public through professional standards of practice and a code of ethics. You can familiarize yourself with these requirements by visiting the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW) at www.OCSWSSW.org or by calling (416) 972-9882.

"I believe people cannot separate their biological, psychological, social and spiritual components. Knowing onesself, within one's environment and making meaning of situations is critical to a healthy life."

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For further information or to schedule a free consultation to see if Mediation, Counselling or Collaboration is right for you, contact cathy.cartwright@sgbfm.ca or 705-477-3529.

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New Ways For Families (NWFF) Cathy Cartwright is an NWFF accredited facilitator






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